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Elina Linardaki Penny Lane Embroidered Leather Lace-Up Sandals zK9GZa
Elina Linardaki Penny Lane Embroidered Leather Lace-Up Sandals
Armament Systems and Procedures
(800) 236-6243
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Upper East Side, New York, NY

Andrew S.
2000 sq ft
35 attendees 8 hr. minimum
About the Space

Pricing $225/hour 1-10 people $15 per person (per hour) thereafter. Cleaning fee shall equal the hourly fee for the location. So the cleaning/hourly fee for a 30 person shoot is $225 + 20($15) = $525 -Luxury apartment located inside one the UES's most prestigious buildings -Modern kitchen and dining room -A location scout is strongly recommended

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Natural Light
Public Transportation
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From $15-40/person
From $35-55/hour
Coffee Tea
From $6-10/person
From $3-12/each
Buffet Lunch
From $18-40/person
Craft Services
From $15-45/person
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Hourly rate:
$ 225 (min. 8 hrs)

A security deposit is required. The amount of the security deposit will equal the amount of the deductible for 3rd party property damages according to your insurance policy OR half the payment made to Peerspace, whichever amount is greater. We can be flexible on this, i.e small photo-shoots) An insurance policy of at least $1M (less for photo-shoots) is required to rent the space. Guests must name the property as an additional insured on the commercial general liability policy in connection with the production and provide a certificate of the same. - All rentals include setup, breakdown and the walk-through at the end of the shoot - Guests must provide additional insurance - Host must be made aware if any parking permits will be obtained, permits must be provided as soon as they are available. - Host MUST be made aware if any generators will be used. Host reserves the right to power down any generators that run past quiet hours. - Host MUST be made aware of ANY exterior shots, scenes and exterior lighting setups. - This listing is ONLY for the building proper, the "Vacant Mansion", use of the court yard for anything other than staging gear must be pre-approved. - Use of neighbors' exterior property for shooting will NOT be tolerated. Monies will be drawn from your security deposit as penalty and your shoot may be terminated. - Guests may not unlawfully hold parking spaces anywhere on the block - All garbage must be placed in designated areas - if more than 4 large contractor bags, garbage must be taken with you. - No smoking inside the property or anywhere on the estate. Smoking must be outside the gated area.

Who‘s allowed in the space?

All ages

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
6:00 AM - 6:00 AM
$175 / hr
Spacious Gallery in Historic Arts Building
Upper Manhattan
$2000 / hr
Exquisite Jewel Box Botanical Gallery - NYC's newest Luxury Venue
Upper East Side
$250 / hr
Upper East Side Prime Location Gallery
Upper East Side
$300 / hr
Men's Oriented Lounge Space
Upper East Side
$100 / hr
Spacious Bright Uptown Studio
Upper East Side
$130 / hr
Cozy Uptown Cafe Venue
Upper West Side
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watch the people asking for a more "authentic" soundtrack the moment the soundtrack gets released.

sure the game has been inspired by old samurai movies but that doesn't mean that it should become one aswell.

The game even looks fantastic in Black and white. 😁

@adf86 I rather have them put time in other things. But if its easy to so why not but let them release the game first. They can always patch in a filter in if its not to costly. 😁

@jdv95 But we don't know if it's going to take up a lot of resources though. At the end of the day people are asking for a feature that would be cool. Shadow of the Colossus had a bw mode that arguably looked better then the colour version so it's not as if it can't be done.

I would play it if it was black, white, and red.

That would be frickin' bad***!

No 👎.i want my color ghost of tshushima.they had samurai.buddah monks.kung fu .and ninja movies in color.In the 70s and 80s and 90s.so no chief.word up son

Just make your TV greyscale then, lol.

This would be an awesome feature! Come on, as if anyone wants to adjust their TV. Plus add film grain, yes!!

Black and white???Ewwww!

Well it seems fans don't know what to ask for anymore.....black and white come on give me a break. Change your tv colour settings then and play with no colours!

First thing to do is show some better gameplay footage. As I've said before, from what they showed at E3, at the moment it looks like pretty much a simple hack-n-slash. Beautiful yes, absolutely stunning... but very basic.

@Retro88 ME, why would i not want to take advantage of all the work the designers put into making a world

colour can add a lot to the mood of a scene

I'd love it to have a celshaded overlay like Uncharted 4

Definitely will do that on my second play through. Kurosawa is the master. This game makes me consider a 4k HDR TV though for the colour palette.

@Paranoimia I always hate when people say that because you can’t truly tell if a combat system is simple without hands on time. There looked to be precision one hit kills to perform,it looked like he switched from high to low stance and of course timing counters.

@dark_knightmare2 I agree that you can't really tell, which is exactly why I want more info about it.

After the original reveal last year, I was expecting something... deeper. From what they showed at E3, it appears (to me at least) to be pretty basic combat. Even what you describe isn't particularly complicated. I was expecting an epic adventure, but if it turns out to essentially be button-mashing, I won't bother... no matter how pretty it is.

The practicality of amperometric analysis employing the h-Cr 2 Se 3 modified SPCE was verified using 4-NP spiked tap water and river water samples. Contaminant-free water samples were used as collected, with no treatment prior to analysis, and known concentrations of 4-NP added at pH7. Recovery was calculated using the standard addition method. The 4-NP concentrations determined for spiked tap and river water samples are tabulated in Table. The obtained recovery values range from 97.9 to 98.8%, with an average relative standard deviation of 2.9%. These results confirm the practical application of h-Cr 2 Se 3 modified SPCE for the determination of 4-NP in water samples.

Full size table

In summary, we have synthesized h-CrSe using a simple hydrothermal method and employed it as an electrode material for the first time in the sensitive detection of 4-NP. The physicochemical characterizations confirm the presence of pure h-CrSe. The h-CrSe modified SPCE demonstrated significant advantages over previously reported 4-NP sensors, such as low LOD, wider linear response range, and high detection sensitivity. In addition, the h-CrSe modified electrode exhibited a superior capacity for the selective detection of 4-NP. The stability of the sensor is shown to be appropriate for the precise detection of 4-NP in real samples. The sensor also demonstrates highly selective detection of 4-NP in the presence of electrochemically reducible compounds, phenolic compounds and metal ions.


Chromium (II) acetate (Cr(CHCO)(HO)), selenium powder (Se), and 4-nitrophenol were purchased from sigma Aldrich. Hydrazine hydrate was purchased from Acros Oroganics. The supporting electrolyte was prepared using 0.05 M NaHPO and NaHPO in double distilled water, and adjusted to pH7 through addition of NaOH or HSO. Analytical grade reagents were used without further purification. Screen-printed carbon electrodes were purchased from Zensor RD Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan.

Hydrothermal synthesis of h- CrSe and electrode modifications

A simple hydrothermal method was used for the synthesis of h- CrSe. In brief, a suspension of 20 mM chromium acetate and 80 mM selenium was prepared in 25 mL of double distilled water. 6 mL of hydrazine hydrate was gradually added to this suspension under continuous stirring. After 30 min, the mixed solution was transferred to a Teflon sealed auto clave and heated to 180 °C for 16 h. The obtained product (h- CrSe) was cooled at room temperature, washed with double distilled water and ethanol, and dried in an air oven for 12 h.

The h-CrSe dispersion was prepared by the addition of 1 mg of h-CrSe to 1 mL of ethanol, and mixing by sonication for 15 minutes. Electrode modification consisted of 6 µL h-CrSe suspension drop-coated onto the SPCE surface, and oven drying of the electrode at 45 °C. This h-CrSe modified SPCE was used for all reported electrochemical detection of 4-NP.

Characterization techniques

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was performed using Hitachi S-3000 H electron microscope. Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectrum was recorded using HORIBA EMAX X-ACT attached with Hitachi S-3000 H scanning electron microscope. XRD characterization was carried out using XPERT-3 diffractometer with Cu Kα radiation (K = 1.54 Å). Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) was performed using IM6ex ZAHNER impedance measurement unit. CV and amperometric studies were performed using CHI611A electrochemical analyzer. Conventional three-electrode system was used for electrochemical studies. The modified SPCE was used as a working electrode, and saturated Ag/AgCl and platinum electrodes were used as the reference and auxiliary electrodes respectively. CV experiments were performed in a potential range from 0.4 to −0.7 V at a scan rate of 50 mV s. All electrochemical measurements were carried out at a room temperature in N saturated electrolyte solution at pH 7.

Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Bissett, M. A., Worrall, S. D., Kinloch, I. A. Dryfe, R. A. W. Comparison of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides for electrochemical super capacitors. , 30–37 (2016).

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Fabulous Show, Merci Marie and Sally! XOXO My “Fascination Archetype” is “The Connisseur”, similar to “The Talent” (Passion- Prestige) just in reverse (Prestige then Passion). As an Intuitive Life Strategist, and Cutting-Edge Wellness Coach, it’s quite accurate. My clients come to me for specialized knowledge as well as ebullience and upliftment. It says “The Connisseur is Mentally Astute, Discriminating, In- the-Know”. How this showed up in my life: When I finally stopped trying to please everyone, and instead powerfully share my perspective exactly as I saw it, doors opened widely. The trait I’m learning to share more is my ((“out there” :)) sense of humor. Through speaking more in public I’ve found my “dormant comedianne” ;D

Loving and Warmth to Every(Fascinating)Body Here!



I looked at the descriptions and couldn’t come up with a primary on my own. I see myself in both the mystique and passion description, but I feel rebellion may be my primary. I really enjoyed today’s episode. I know that my strongest personality trait is my sense of justice and fairness. I’m a bit of an advocate and it controls my opinions and ideas. If something is unfair, I have something to say about it. I’ve even quit jobs because of a biased boss. Oh so many jobs. Oh jeez, I remember almost getting expelled from high school for getting into it with a super unfair teacher a lot. Oops! Anyhow, this article has me wondering how I can use that natural inclination in my business. Ben Jerry are advocates.

Oh, and I’ll drive to Seattle for good vanilla ice cream. I think the flavor that best suits that anecdote is chocolate ice cream. Plain chocolate ice cream tends to be pretty bland and unimpressive. Even the fancier stuff is blah. Now add strings of fudge and chunks of chocolate, then it gets interesting. Yup, vanilla ice cream is amazing, chocolate, not so much.


What a fascinating topic. I too could have heard more. I am intuitive in my business so I am going to ramp that up even more and listen to my inner voice more. Thank you for sharing all the great tips.The world is a better place because of you and you and you and all of us!


I really enjoyed this episode and find the topic of personality type and influence very intriguing…in fact, you might say I’m FASCINATED by it! 😉 Took the test and was a bit surprised to discover that my archetype is The Maestro and my two dominant traits are power and prestige. I would have not guessed that…which leads me to think that maybe I need to take more ownership of my driven and determined nature. I do always happen to find myself in leadership positions…and lack of control terrifies me! Thanks for access to taking the test for free, Marie and Sally! What a wonderful gift.

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